Bay De Noc Kennel Club
  • December 27, 2018

We sometimes give our dogs the wrong message about biting by some of the games we play with them. Wrestling and rugged rough and tumble with your dog can encourage them to bite and it is hard for them to distinguish when it is okay to use his teeth and when it’s not. To make it easier for your dog to learn not to bite, it’s a good idea to never roughhouse with your dog or allow him to bite.

The next time your dog bites, scream “OW” in a high-pitched voice. Exaggerate a little, act like it REALLY HURTS!!! Then refuse to play with him, turn your back and don’t pay attention to him for a few minutes. Do this every time you play with him and he bites. Exaggerate the “hurt” when his teeth touch you. Don’t touch him. Turn and leave — he will get the message after a few times..timing is critical and you must be consistent.

If you have a very persistent dog that keeps on biting, even if you yell ouch, push your hand further into his mouth (do not do this with an aggressive dog). this will cause your dog to try to “spit out” your hand. When he does, praise and reward him with a toy. Always praise when he stops biting or mouthing.

For the dog that is biting the leash while you are trying to walk him, do not try to pull it out of his mouth, instead move toward the dog so he does not get the thrill of playing tug. Have treats with you so you can offer him a treat, which will make him drop the leash. Praise and reward. Make sure you praise and reward immediately when he stops biting the leash. If your dog is very persistent, you can try spraying the leash with bitter apple

If your dog is biting your ankles as you walk (a favorite of a lot of herding breeds), STOP moving. as soon as your dog goes for your ankles, you must cease all movement. When he gives up on your ankles or pant legs, try moving again.

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