Bay De Noc Kennel Club
  • December 27, 2018

Some breeds of dogs are recognized as being more hyper than other breeds, but any individual dog in any breed can be hyper.

If your “Hyper” dog is kept outside all of the time, he will probably always be hyper. It is the interaction with his human pack that this dog craves and the ten minutes spent feeding him is not enough for him. The dog kept outside does not get the “pack” attention he needs. If at all possible bring the dog into the house and make him a permanent part of the household. If it is not possible for him to be brought in, you should spend a minimum of one hour daily playing, exercising, and training him to give him the interaction he needs.

Check the dogs diet, foods high in protein or fat may be more than your dog needs. Feed only a high quality food such as Californis Natural or Eukanaba. Make sure your dog food is not loaded with grains. If your dog is still on puppy food, consider changing to an adult food.

You will have ot be very, very calm in your handling of a hyper dog. Commands must be given very unemotionally. If you get excited, the dog will get more hyper. Yelling or screaming at a hyper dog intensifies their own excitement. Your must teach the dog it is NOT okay to be out of control.

Teaching eye contact and using it in every situation will help your dog learn self control. If he has to sit and make eye contact, he can’t be out of control at the same time.

The hyper dog needs lots of exercise, running, fetching, swimming, almost to the point of exhaustion. Make him learn self control. Sit stays, down stays, waiting to go out until given permission when a door is open, are all ways your dog can learn self control. Obedience work will help to calm and focus such a dog and must be part of your daily life with these animals, but the rewards can be awesome as they are tireless workers.

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