Bay De Noc Kennel Club
  • January 18, 2019

All Gold Members have access to add events to the calendar.  

  • The calendar should be used to reserve the building for any reason.
  • Please include your name when scheduling practice sessions.
  • Existing events can only be deleted by the author or an administrator.  Please contact a member of the website committee.
  • The default view is the monthly view.  Select the “Day” view tab to see event times.


  • This calendar supports multi-day Events.  An Event has a ‘Date’ and an ‘End date’.  If the Event is only one day or less enter the same date in both, or clear the entry in ‘End date’.
  • Recurring Events:
    • The label ‘Repeats’ (first number) is the number of times the the Event recurs.  If the Event recurs forever, enter ‘0’ (zero).  Your entry is the number of events after the first event: a recurrence of ‘2’ means the event will happen three times.
    • The label ‘Every’ (second number) and the ‘recur interval’ (entry box) defines the recurrence cycle.  For instance, enter  ‘1’ and ‘weeks’ for once every week; or enter  ‘2’ and ‘weeks’ for the Event to recur every other week.
  • An Event can be one of four possibilities:
    • Single event of a day or less
    • Day or less event that recurs at some interval
    • Single multi-day event
    • Multi-day that recurs at some interval
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