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What’s New in Agility!

  • Intro to Agility:    New Class beginning September 26, 2019.  Class is 4 weeks from 6pm to 7pm.   SIGN UP ON THE AGILITY PAGE!
  • Agility Foundation Class:  This four-week class will teach teams foundation handling skills.  You’ll learn the 6 main commands, as well as body awareness of both handler and dog.  You will get started on weave entrances and contact zones.  We’ll add a little distance and motivation skills.  Sign up on the Agility Page.
  • 2019 Agility Trial Dates:   (Click link for Premium)

To sign up for a scheduled class, please fill out this form: 

We offer several types of Agility Classes to take you from novice to advanced.  Classes are offered year round.  Spring, summer and fall classes are held outdoors in a large fenced area.  Winter classes are held in the Kennel Club Building.

Please complete the contact form at the right to be added to the interest list for upcoming Agility Classes.   Make sure you choose the class(es) that you are interested in on the list.  

Please fill this form for general information about Agility Classes


This 4 week class is for puppies from 12 weeks to 6 months.  They will learn the foundation skills needed to start agility.  Sign up soon.  6 teams maximum

Lead Instructor Chris Nelson

Intro to Agility

The class will introduce you and your dog to agility equipment. You will experience the dog walk, A-frame, jumps and tunnels.  Classes run 1 hour.

Dogs can be any age.  Complete the form above to be added to the interest list.  Further information and registration forms will be sent closer to the date of the class.

Class size limited to 10 dogs.

Lead Instructor: Andrea Jackson


This class will teach the handler how to communicate with their dog and make agility fun, using toys and treats.  The first 3 weeks will be foundation handling.  This means showing the dog what your body is telling them to do.  (turn right, turn left, go on, etc.)  Distance will be added as we go.  The next three weeks we will start using obstacles.  Safety is our main priority, speed will come with confidence.  This class runs for 6 weeks. In the last week, you will do a mock agility trial.

Contacts & Obstacles

This class teaches your dog how to do contacts and obstacles safely.

Weaves & Jumps

This class teaches different methods of learning the weaves.  It also teaches your dog to jump properly.


This class teaches you methods on how to teach your dog to work ahead of you.  

Here are some photos of our most recent graduates!


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