AKC Canine Good Citizen

AKC Canine Good Citizen Program teaches good behavior for dogs and responsible dog ownership.  The CGC is a 10 step test for purebreds and mixed breeds.  It is often a prerequisite for therapy dog groups, some homeowner's insurance companies encourage CGC testing, and some apartments and condos require a resident dog pass the CGC test. You can check  out AKC's website under Canine Good Citizen to find out more details and other CGC programs - S.T.A.R. Puppy, AKC Community  Canine, and AKC Urban CGC.

The CGC test includes the following ten items plus an Owner's Pledge.

1. Accepting a Friendly Stranger

2. Sitting politely for Petting

3. Appearance and Grooming

4. Out for a Walk (walking on a loose lead)

5. Walking Through a Crowd

6.  Sit and Down on Command and Staying in Place

7.  Coming When Called

8.  Reaction to Another Dog

9.  Reaction to distractions

10. Supervised  Separation

AKC CGC Evaluator, Lori Genaw will be holding the CGC test on June 6, 2017 in the evening 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  If you feel that your dog will be able to pass these ten items listed above, please consider signing up.  The cost will be $25.00 for the test. 

Advanced Beginner's Obedience Classes teach the CGC basic concepts along with other Advanced Beginner Obedience Skills.  Please see class fees schedule for 2017.

If there is enough interest in an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy course, I will set up a class time.  The STAR Puppy Course stand for...

T raining
A ctivity
R esponsibility

Puppies that are eligible for this class are puppies that have had their vaccinations updated and are under a year old.  Please fill out the form on the right and I will be in touch with you for more information.

If you wish to receive a title for passing the CGC test your dog must be registered with AKC in one of the following ways:

1.  AKC Registration Number

2.  A PAL Number

3.  An  AKC Canine Partners Number

Who can Participate?

AKC designed the CGC is 1989 to reward dogs with good manners at home and in the community.  All dogs, purebred or mixed are welcome.  Owners sign the Responsible Dog Owners Pledge to maintain their dog's health, safety, and quality of life.

There is no age limit for the CGC test.  A dog is never too old.  Puppies who have completed all immunizations and boosters may be tested.  Older dogs must have current rabies and any other vaccinations recommended by their vet.


AKC Canine Good Citizen

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