Cleaning Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for cleaning the building, or arranging to have the building cleaned, for the week that you are assigned.
  • All trades/substitutions are the responsibility of the member.
  • All trades/substitutions should be posted on the message board or emailed to a board member.
  • The tasks that must be completed each week are:
  • vacuum the work floor
  • sweep and mop the office, bathroom and entry floors
  • clean the bathroom (toilet, sink, trash)
  • clean the mirrors
  • neaten the office
  • The first full week of the month, the floors must be mopped. ¬†This is indicated by an * in the cleaning list.
  • If at all possible, cleaning should be completed by Tuesday evening of the scheduled week. ¬†
  • If a member misses his/her assigned cleaning date, they will lose their building privileges until they complete their assigned cleaning during the next cleaning cycle.

Cleaning Schedule





July 23rd Dianne Culter and Emily Culter

July 30th  DIanne Culter and Emily Culter

August 6th Martha Kinnenin

August 13th Dick and Jean Lyle

August 20th Mary Lee Kirkuk and Jo Gerrish

August 27th Tammy Cook

Sept 3rd Casey Lyle

Sept 10th  Tammy Blomquist

Sept 17th Vicki Sowa

Sept 24th Linda Etten

Oct 1st Tracee Horn

Oct 8th Christy Sundholm

Oct 16th  Andrea Jackson

Oct 22nd Barb Tardiff

Oct 29th Linda & Bernie Larson

Nov 5th Dani Beauchamp &a Lori Genaw (scrub)

Nov 12th  Kristen Tardiff

Nov 19th Arlene Rauschl

Nov 26th Virginia Lewis

Dec 3rd Pat Beauchamp & Chris Nelson (scrub)

Dec 10th Linda Lavolette 

Dec17th  Diana Wells

Dec24th Cindy Mossing

Dec31st Barb Doutree