Cleaning Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for cleaning the building, or arranging to have the building cleaned, for the week that you are assigned.
  • All trades/substitutions are the responsibility of the member.
  • All trades/substitutions should be posted on the message board or emailed to a board member.
  • The tasks that must be completed each week are:
  • vacuum the work floor
  • sweep and mop the office, bathroom and entry floors
  • clean the bathroom (toilet, sink, trash)
  • clean the mirrors
  • neaten the office
  • The first full week of the month, the floors must be mopped.  This is indicated by an * in the cleaning list.
  • If at all possible, cleaning should be completed by Tuesday evening of the scheduled week.  
  • If a member misses his/her assigned cleaning date, they will lose their building privileges until they complete their assigned cleaning during the next cleaning cycle.

Cleaning Schedule





1/7/18  Judy Akkala (scrubber week)

1/14/18 Katrina & Nick Ferguson

1/21/18 Colleen Lake

1/28/18 Colleen Owens

2/4/18  Tracee Horn Scrubber

2/11/18  Jo Gerrish

2/18/18 Diane and Emily Culter

2/25/18 Diane and Emily Culter

3/4/18  Jill Miller (scrubber)

3/11/18  Pat Bernat

3/18/18  Wendolyn Tetlow

3/25/18  Mary Lee Kirkum

April 1 (scrubber) Kristen Tardiff

April 8 :  Linda LaVolette

April 15:  Jo Gerrish

April 22:  Andrea Jackson

April 29:  David Roberts


May 6: (Scrubber) Jerry Nelson

May 13:  Vicki Sowa

May 20:  Arlene Rauschl

May 27:  Tammy Blomquist-Carlson


June 3 (scrubber) Tracey Wiggins

June 10:  Martha Kinnunen

June 17: Linda Etten

June 24: Dianna Wells Link