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Conformation is the sport of exhibiting pure-bred dogs that are recognized by a Kennel Club’s registry.  The American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, and other registries of purebred dogs have written standards that outline a particular dog’s physical and mental characteristics that it must conform to within that breed.  Judges have a mental picture of the perfect dog of a specific breed that they are judging and choose the dog that best fits that standard of correct type and function.  One of the purposes of a conformation show is the evaluation of breeding stock.

Conformation class will help those that wish to show their dog in conformation understand the written standard of their breed.  We will instruct and demonstrate how to handle your dog in conformation, ring procedure, proper attire, and etiquette in the show ring.  We will help you as the handler of your dog to properly gait your dog, set your dog up on the floor and table (if appropriate), and how to present you dog to its best advantage to the judge.  We will also help the student understand how to enter a conformation show and explain the point system for both AKC and UKC shows.  This class will promote sportsman like behavior at dog shows and hopefully make it a more enjoyable experience for the handler and the dog.

If you are interested, please complete and submit the form at the right and someone will contact you.

For Members – We have a CONFORMATION PRACTICE GROUP beginning up again on Tuesday nights.  Contact Kirsten Tardiff or Lori Genaw for times.

If we get enough interest from non-members – we will offer Conformation Run Through opportunities.  It will be $10 for non-members and $5 for GOLD MEMBERS.


Looking for some recent pictures of BDNKC members’ dogs showing in Conformation.  Send to

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