Bay De Noc Kennel Club

Fee and Benefits Schedule 


(2 adults and any children under 18)

GOLD Member Renewal $20.00


15 work hours or $10 per hour not worked


On cleaning rotation




15 work hours per adult

30 work hours or $10 per hour not worked

On cleaning rotation

·         Full Voting Rights (18 and over)

·         50% off classes

·         Full use of building for training and practice

·         Access to classes, seminars, and other club activities

·         opportunity to join or form training/practice group

·         use of equipment you have been trained on





15 work hours


Put on cleaning rotation



30 work hours

Put on cleaning rotation

After applying/paying fee/attend a meeting/voted on:

·         $10 off all classes

·         ability to attend a practice group with a GOLD Member in Good Standing for double cost of existing GOLD Member ($6.00)

After 15 hours of volunteer service (up to a full year to complete on anniversary month):

·                     Full GOLD Member benefits, see above.

BASIC Member $40.00 $45.00 ·                     $10 off of classes

·                     discount toward seminars


(must be 18 or under)

$15.00 N/A ·                     Same as Basic

Membership can only be changed at the start of the fiscal year, September 1.


Gold Members in Good Standing that have not been able to complete their required 15 hours for whatever reason are allowed to pay $10 per hour for any hour missed.  This does not apply to initial New Gold Membership hours.  Fees are due with the next year’s membership dues, September 1, without penalty.  If the Gold Member fails to pay the $10 per hour fee on or before September 30 their membership is lapsed.  If they fail to bring their membership up to date 60 days after September 30 (November 30) their membership is terminated.  A board may vote to extend the member an additional 30 days (December 30) in a meritorious case.  This is in accordance with the club’s By Laws.


Prospective New Members will submit a membership application and their fee for the type of membership.  If the membership application is submitted on or after March 1st, membership dues are half price.  Prospective New Members will be contacted by a member of the Membership Committee to help them become familiar with the requirements of the club.  NEW GOLD Members will be assigned a Mentor if needed. A Mentor is a Gold Member in Good Standing, assigned by the membership committee, that will help the new member sign up for a cleaning assignment and other work hours.

NEW GOLD Members have a year from the date that their application is approved to put in their initial-year work hours and will have the NEW GOLD Member benefits listed on the chart above until the requirements for the initial-year work hours are met. When a NEW GOLD Member has completed the initial-year work hours the NEW GOLD Member will have the benefits listed for a GOLD Member Renewal. If the initial-year work hours are not completed by the initial-year anniversary date, the NEW GOLD Member will be deleted from the membership roster and all benefits are cancelled. The NEW GOLD Member may then apply to become a Gold or Basic Member but must start the entire process over with a new application, fees, and work hours.

There are separate requirements for club-year work hours and initial-year work hours.

Membership Type Initial-year work hours required by Anniversary Club-year work hours required by 8-31, in Year 2
Individual 15 15
Family 30 30


The Membership Committee will compile the initial-year work hours separately from the normal club-year work hours.

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