NADAC Video Trial

The Bay de Noc Kennel Club will be offering a NADAC Video Trial on September 1st, 2018.  Various ground classes will be offered.  Mark your calendars and come join the fun.  

The video trial will start at 10:00 a.m

There will be a $20 flat fee per dog.  (make checks out to the BDNKC)

There will be a $15 fee per (possible) qualifying run that will be submitted to NADAC via video.   (if you have one possible Q $15, 3 possible Qs $45)  Checks will be made out to Jill Miller who is the videographer. She will then edit all submitted videos and send them in to NADAC with the fees.  


Run Order will be:  Jumpers, Barrelers, Weavers, Hoopers, Chances (if no contact obstacles) Tunnelers.


Note:  One run per dog for classes entered.  There will be no do-overs.


Please click the link below for the entry form.  Fill out the form and bring it with you the day of the trial for speedy entry.